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Foxhunting with R & L Farms

Hunt Lease and Boarding Packages

Is fox hunting on your bucket list?  Ready for something new after years in the arena or adding some fun on your horse October – March?  Fox hunting maybe for you and we support new riders as well as experts, from all disciplines.

All Hunt Packages include:

  • Transportation to and from the Arapahoe Hunt field, Wednesdays and Sundays.
  • Blanketing – Owner must keep blankets in good condition, and repair as required.
  • Exercise ride weekly

Stall Hunt Packages:   $630.00 per month. Open air stalls have 36’ runs. Monthly fee includes hay and 2# grain twice a day. Turnout is every other day, minimum. Will feed any additional supplements that are provided by the client.

Barn Paddock Hunt Package:   $545.00 per month per horse (2 horse minimum same owner).  The paddock with lean too is available for 2 horses only. Horses are fed hay twice daily with grain fed once a day. Barn provides mineral and salt blocks. A second feeding per day is available for an additional $75.00 (includes both horses).

Pasture “A” Hunt Package:   $495.00 per month. Our 2 acre paddock allows full turn out, heated water, mineral and salt blocks, and a 40’ lean-to.  The monthly fee includes hay, 2# grain fed twice daily and transport. You may provide supplements, medications, or additional feed for your horse.

Enjoy riding one of R & L Farm’s horses for your hunt season.   his choice allows you to have the same horse all year.  We exercise, shoe, vet and transport it to the hunt field Wednesdays and Sundays.  This option allows you to ride the same horse(s) October – March.

Lease Horse Package:
Sundays and Wednesdays $1300.00 per month (2 horses)
or  4 hunts a month $660/mo ( 1 horse)


  • Additional Exercise Rides – Exercise rides for $15/ride. All horses screened prior to setting up a weekly schedule. Weather permitting during winter months, but we ride in the snow!
  • Training rides – Training rides or jumping are for those horses that have need for specific rides by an expert. This option is $25/ride. Weather permitting during winter months.
  • Feed Upgrade – Your mount too hot?  Consider a Senior or Cool Command feed in lieu of barn grain. Cost based on pounds/day fed.  You may always purchase, bag, and we will feed!

Can’t meet your vet or farrier?  We encourage all clients to meet with your vet or Farrier. It’s always best to hear and see them first hand.  If you choose, and we are able, we will have one of our staff catch up and hold your horse.   Subject to time and availability – $15/hr. Please call in advance to schedule.

  • Hot-walker Use/Rehab – We can put your horse on our 6-horse walker for $95 a month, 3 times a week, to loosen them up, or trot them out. This is really handy in the cold months as well. Our trained staff only operates the hot walker.
  • Hunt body clips are offered at $125/horse. Pulling manes $20.00 if drugging is required, cost will reflect.
  • Grooming package – Your horse can be tacked and ready to go at the hunt for $75.00/month.  This service includes cleaning your tack and cleaning your saddle blanket after each ride.

Arapahoe Hunt Club

“Hunting is all that’s worth living for – all time is lost wot is not spent in ‘Hunting – it is like the hair we breathe – if we have it not we die – it’s the sport of kings, the image of war without its guilt, and only five-and-twenty per cent of its danger.”

In Colorado, coyotes are abundant, so we chase them, not foxes.

R.S. Surtees  – Handley Cross (1843)

Jewel in the Rockies from Douglas County Government on Vimeo.

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